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Xiamen Nishi Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. After nearly ten years of rapid development, it has become a collection of stone production and processing, import and export trade and modern logistics as one of the comprehensive large-scale industrial and trade integration of stone industry group.

At the beginning of the establishment, XINZHENXUAN STONE Cooperation is as the group begins, which is developed stablely at home and abroad and becomes one of the excellent stone products importers and exporters. We are committed to providing high quality products for our foreign customers. The mainly markets including the Middle East, Europe, America and Africa and other international markets.

As a stone import and export company with a certain scale, at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, the founder Mr. Ni Zhaofei was keenly aware that the quality of stone products in the domestic market was not stable enough, the service was not good enough, and could not meet the increasing personalized needs of the vast number of foreign customers. Therefore, in 2017, he resolutely invested in the construction of the first stone processing plant in Macheng City, Hubei Province -- Macheng Fei Ying Stone Industry, which covers an area of 38,000 square meters.  Thus, the Group opened the prelude of controlling the whole process of stone production and processing, strictly controlling the quality, and meeting customers' diversified demands for product quality and processing technology. 

We group insists as the quality is the first important thing, and we are not willing to reduce product quality due to increased capacity. So that in 2019, we built the second stone processing factory of the group banner which is the Macheng XINFEIYING STONE with area of 40,000 square meters. This factory lays a solid foundation for the Group to further introduce the most advanced automatic production and processing equipment in the industry.

Our group builds the third factory called MINXIA Stone in 2022. This factory can meet the needs of customers for special-shaped stone.

Advanced processing equipment, strict quality management, a number of high quality production lines, which can greatly expanded the capacity.

With continuous innovation and the pursuit of quality, our group then built the fourth high-end stone processing factory - Xiangying stone industry, high-end quality, diverse products, for the development of the group to plant another soaring wings, forming a new development pattern of the group business wings flying together.

In the past ten years, the Group has firmly seized the opportunity, developed rapidly and steadily, and continuously pursued the double improvement of product quality and service. Overseas business not only shows geometric growth, but also continues to involve high-end business such as subway stations, high-speed railway stations and airport construction in China, and undertakes many dry hanging projects on the outer walls of high-end buildings. Products sell well at home and abroad all the year round, formed a relatively stable customer group.  Based on the existing customers at home and abroad, we actively participate in various international stone exhibitions, and constantly develop the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other international markets, with an annual turnover of up to RMB 300 million . 

Advanced equipment, exquisite technology, reasonable pricing, high-end quality and passionate service, won the trust and support of the majority of customers, to ensure the rapid development of the Group. 

The group will continue to practice the development strategy of "based on domestic, expand to the global market", in line with the principle of "customer and reputation first", wholeheartedly provide customers with the most perfect and professional service, and make every effort to promote the steady and rapid development of the enterprise toward the vertical deepening direction of stone industry, and gradually create a more magnificent future! 

Nishi group is willing to work with you to create a win-win stone industry mode! 

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